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Notebook, Journal - Blue Jay

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This Blue Jay Notebook/Journal is a great gift for that bird lover on your list - or for you! 

Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Style: unlined, soft touch cover
Pages: 80

Back of Journal Text:

Cyanocitta cristata
Order: Passeriformes
Order: Corvidae

A favourite among North American bird lovers, the Blue Jay is a large songbird with blue, white, grey, and black plumage. Like other corvids, they are a very curious, intelligent, and often noisy bird. Blue Jays communicate both vocally and with body language, using their crest. They are also able to mimic other birds, animals, and even humans. Male and females often mate for life can be seen together all year long. Blue Jays are especially fond of acorns and can be found in urban areas and near forest edges where oak trees grow.