Unperfeʞt Studios is the creation of illustrator and painter Wendy Campbell. Based in Hamilton Ontario, Unperfekt Studios offers unique and often quirky greeting cards, prints, as well as other reproductions and fun stuff. There is a small section of Wendy’s original small paintings (aka minis). Cards and other reproductions can be found at various retailers in Ontario and online.
Wholesale pricing is available.

35 York Blvd, downtown Hamilton, stall #48, lower level at the bottom of the ramp.

Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

(photo by Kevin Walsh)

Why Unperfekt?

Back in 2007, I was living near the town of Essen, in the NRW of Germany. One day, I came across the most wonderful space called Unperfekt Haus. This was co-working before co-working was a thing.  It is a huge space geared to the meeting of creative minds and souls - and foodies! I had never experienced this kind of environment before and nothing exactly like it since. But the word and the idea of “Unperfekt” (the German word for imperfect) stuck with me. I loved the idea of different people from different walks of life, gathering, eating, playing, creating and enjoying the space together without judgement.

Since then I have gone on to study the concept of imperfection through mindfulness, yoga, and a number of spiritual philosophies. In my view, the quest for things to be exactly right is not only impossible but undesirable. My artwork has always been comprised of wobbly lines, imperfect circles, off centred body parts. I’m told it’s part of what make my illustrations interesting. And so, after many years of judging myself and my artwork, comparing myself to the seemingly flawless lines of other artists, I learned to accept my “unique style” as good enough, even great in its own way. My work is an homage to our imperfections, our quirkiness, our flaws and how we can love and accept them. I will always want to learn and improve on my craft and generally be a better human, but the desire to draw the perfect circle, has never been my way, and more than ever,  I’m ok with that.  (there’s no way to scientifically prove a circle is perfect by the way)

To see some of my larger original works, visit wendycampbell.art

Environmental Impact:

Unperfekt Studios recognizes the importance of the environmental impact our products may have. Below are the steps we have taken to reduce our footprint on the planet:

Small Batch: All of our products are made in small batches to reduce waste. For that reason, you will notice a pre-order button on some products that are currently in production. Thank you for supporting our vision to reduce our environmental impact. 

Plastic Free: As much as possible, we avoid the use of plastic in our retail packaging. Our greeting cards are no longer wrapped in plastic sleeves. Instead, we use paper card corners to hold card and envelope together.

Packaging: All shipped products use as little packaging and plastic as possible.  As much as possible, we reuse any shipping materials acquired in purchasing our supplies. (As an example, we recently purchased a shelving unit for the office that came in 4 large cardboard boxes. Those boxes have now been cut down to be used for support in the shipping of cards and prints).

Questions? Feel free to contact us any time at unperfektstudios@gmail.com with any questions about our products.