Collection: Glass Magnets - Abstract

These abstract glass magnets are my take on the Japanese art of Suminagashi. Also known as “floating ink” and practiced in Japan as early as the 12th century, Suminagahsi is the process of marbling paper with water and ink to transform it into swirled patterns. While living in Tokoyo in 2009, I became interested in Japanese art and particularly in how the art attention to detail was applied to everyday life. 

I have modified the suminagashi process and use thinned (almost liquid) acrylic paints to "lift" small abstracts onto  glass cabochons which are then sealed at the back for protection. Each magnet is a one-of-a-kind mini piece of art!

Each set includes 4, 1" x 1" magnets with a plastic free matchbook style package. 

Check back often for new designs and colours.