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Greeting Card - Real Meditation

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Meditation isn't just sitting quietly as you transcend into peaceful, perfect, bliss. It plays out much like real life - you try to focus, you get distracted, and then more distracted - then you get back to focusing. With meditation, it's about not judging the thoughts, feelings, and distractions that come into your mind. You notice them, give them respect and acceptance, let them come and go like all thoughts. Then get back to the meditation. Sounds easy right? Some times are easier than others. Choose this card for that Zen birdy on your list. 

Card Size: 5.5" x 5.5"
14 pt, uncoated cardstock,
Vivid, full-colour printing
Finish: matte
White envelope included


Save yourself some time. Rather than mailing the card to yourself and then sending it to your recipient, we can mail it for you! 

How does it work?

  1. mail it for me greeting card delivery service with your personal messagae
    Select a card and use the add-on option to "Mail it for me with custom message" $4.95 will be added to the price of your card. 
  2. In the spaces provided, complete the name of the recipient, your message, the date you wish to be mailed and whether you would like the text printed or hand written. 
  3. The return address will be the address you provide upon purchase. 
  4. Please double check your information before completing your purchase. 
  5. Your card will be mailed on the date selected. 
  6. A photo of the card with your message will be sent to your customer email as confirmation of shipment.

    Cards are mailed untracked from Ontario, Canada via Canada Post.

    **Note, once mailed, we cannot guarantee delivery time from Canada Post or USPS.

    Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our Mail it to Me service.