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Signed & Matted Print - Cardinal

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Signed art prints are an affordable way to give art! Each print is matted and signed by the artist and packaged in a protective plastic sleeve. 

Size: 8" x 8" with a 4.5" opening.
Artist Signature: front and back of print in ink. 
Title, Year, and Signature: in pencil on bottom of matt.


Maybe it's because of his brilliant red colour or because of his fiery personality and distinct song, the male northern cardinal is a favourite for many bird lovers. 

Cool Cardinal Fact: Yellow, orange, or red pigments found naturally in plants are responsible for the characteristic red coloration exhibited in the feathers of male birds. These pigments, known as carotenoids, cannot be manufactured within the bird’s body but must be ingested by eating plant material containing the pigments or insects that have fed on colorful plants themselves. (from Farmers Almanac)

Caring for Art Prints
To maintain affordability, our prints are produced with dye based inks (vs pigment based archival inks). Prints are protected with a UV protective sealant to shield from sunlight, natural skin oils, and other contaminents.

We recommend the following to ensure the life of your print:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight. Even the highest quality materials are subject to fading if exposed to sunlight over time. 
  • Avoid touching the print directly to avoid scratching, fingerprints, etc. Use lint-free gloves if possible when handling. 
  • The best way to protect your matted print is to frame it under glass. Choose a frame with UV protection if possible.

Feel free to contact us at for more information about our prints.